CLOUDIA – Password Administration

The Cloudia Password Adminstration Tool gives your users full control to access to the enterprise network, while they are working mobile.

Office 365 Integration

Seamless Integration into Office365 and optimized for mobile users

AD Synchronisierung

The automatic synchronisation between Office365 and CLOUDIA keeps all data up to date

Secure Password change

Highest security by security questions, SSL encryption and deposit of a mobile number

Watch the video and learn how Cloudia works

Easy Setup

After initialization of Cloudia the user receives an email with a link to the secret setup process. In a simple and clear input mask the user specifies a set of security questions. In addition, the user must provide a valid mobile phone number and its current Active Directory password.

Login to change the password

The system checks whether the password expires and sends an email with a link. If the user clicks on it, he is led to a login form. After a valid login, the user can change his password.

Change the password

After entering the security questions, the PIN code and the Captcha code a new password can be assigned. The password must be valid in accordance with the password policy of the company.

Confirm the submitted data

The user receives an SMS with a security code. This security code must be entered in the input field to authenticate the user.

Then the setup is completed and a new password will be assigned.